9 05, 2015

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Introduction

By | 2016-11-03T10:46:32+00:00 May 9th, 2015|Delta Redux, Tachyon Emissions|

Ah Voyager. The series that held the distinction of being the most derided of the Star Trek franchises until Enterprise came along to usurp that title. Critics thought it was underwhelming, fans thought it was repetitive, both thought it was overly reliant on cliche and technobabble. For it's duration the [...]

3 03, 2015

The Enterprise Meets the Enterprise Crew: NASA Image of the Day

By | 2016-11-03T10:49:47+00:00 March 3rd, 2015|Science & Space|

As we know Leonard Nimoy passed away last week and to remember him NASA has released several images. This one from 1976 shows the cast of Star Trek witnessing the roll out of the shuttle named after the iconic ship from the series. The shuttle Enterprise was a prototype and [...]

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