1 04, 2016

If You Think Jon Snow Isn’t Coming Back, You Know Nothing: Self-Indulgent Nerdfest IV

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Welcome back everyone to another "nerdfest" post. The second in less than a week! Yes, like a bear coming out of hibernation I have emerged from a cold winter slumber with a hunger to spread my options far and wide about ridiculously trivial subjects that I admittedly spend far too [...]

28 03, 2016

No, The Eagles Cannot Fly the Hobbits to Mordor: Self-Indulgent Nerdfest III

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Way back in 2007 How It Should Have Ended put out a little animation about the Lord of the Rings saying that Fellowship should have just flown an eagle into Mordor and dropped the ring into Mt. Doom with little to no fuss. This video is really funny (I've linked it [...]