Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Heroes and Demons

As the episode began to unfold I realized with a certain degree of horror what kind of an episode this was going to be, a "holodeck malfunction" I groaned. We find out right away that Harry has been on the holodeck playing Beowulf - because doesn't everyone? I can remember when I was a kid [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Prime Factors

Welcome back to the Delta Quadrant everyone and this week we meet a race of people who love pleasure and stories and apparently enjoy tying their hair back with baling wire. Yes its Prime Factors, an episode that comes so close to being great but devolves into a puddle of smug. That introduction sounds a [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Emanations

After a bit of a mediocre entry the previous week Voyager is back with another thought provoking episode with Emanations. One that deals with such run-of-the-mill subjects as the afterlife and euthanasia. And for a show that is on the surface an action-adventure program it deals with these and other sensitive ideas with an astounding [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Time and Again

Welcome back to the Delta Quadrant and thankfully this week we do not have a time/space anomaly. But we do get time fissures - which is different? Also for the second week in a row the plot revolves around a paradox. Basically Voyager comes to investigate a planet that has been destroyed by a cataclysmic [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Parallax

Welcome back everyone to the Delta Quadrant where the crew of the Voyager are getting on with their first adventure and the first real episode of the series. The pilot set up the premise and introduced the characters but here we start to see what the show will do with those characters and that premise. [...]