Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Death Wish

I suppose I should start this discussion with a confession: I think Q is the worst recurring character on Star Trek. I know there will be many in the Trek fandom that disagree with that opinion – some vehemently so. Q has become a fan favorite for many and John de Lancie’s hammy/camp performance [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Maneuvers

So I imagine the pitch meeting for this episode went something like this: In the writers room, around a long table, sat several glum and despondent writers desperate for ideas to enliven a plodding series. Suddenly one enterprising (see what I did there?) writer perked and said, "Hey guys, you know how this is [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Parturition

This episode is terrible. Look, there is no reason to sugar coat it. As much as I want to find a redemptive reading in these episodes there is just nothing here. This is a cliched story, a contrived plot with absolutely nothing of interest to say. A real letdown after last week's episode. Twisted, while [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: The 37s

Star Trek Voyager season 2 opens with a season finale. Due to a scheduling kerfuffle several episodes had to be moved to later dates including this one, The 37s, which was originally supposed to finish out the first season. This is the reason we were treated to the disappointing drip of a finale instead. As [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Learning Curve

Learning Curve is the first season finale of Voyager. While some finales race to the finish line in a triumphant sprint with arms raised in joy, Learning Curve just sort of stumbles over its own feet and lays there whimpering refusing to get up. Learning Curve is a tired pile of cliches pretending to be [...]

Delta Redux: A Voyager Rewatch: Jatrel

On the surface this episode shouldn’t work. For the second week in a row we have a not-too-subtle allegory this time in the form of atomic weapons; and again, as with Faces, we have an underdeveloped character given a moment to take center stage. Last week it was B’Elanna, this week it’s Neelix. Now if [...]