Jovey McJupiterface (or Ego the Living Planet is Real): NASA Image of the Day

Fist let's get this out of the way and mention that scientist Jason Major titled this image “Jovey McJupiterface” because scientists are awesome in so, so many ways. The second thing we need to address is the fact that Ego the Living Planet is real! As everyone knows Ego the Living planet is...well...a living planet. And [...]

Ultraman Mash-Up On Jupiter: NASA Image of the Day

Okay, so I have to admit something...I'm a bit strange. Now most of the people who know me well will look at that statement and think, "yes, and...?" So let me elaborate a bit on what pops into my mind when I see certain things and maybe you can get a glimpse into how my thinking [...]

Ganymede Orbits Jupiter: NASA Image of the Day

Well I was going to do my typical snarky/silly intro here but I honestly couldn't think of one. And look c'mon, look how cool this picture is! Yes, yes I know it's just an "artist’s concept" and not really an "actual" image but seriously, who cares? This is very, very cool and I personally would [...]