Good Morning: NASA Image of the Day

Its always lovely to see the world from a different perspective. So far 2016 has been a year of loss, confrontation, violence and a bat-shit crazy election. It can be easy to think that everything falling apart; that all is not well. But up above you can't see the craziness, that hatred, you don't think [...]

“Epic” Image of Earth: NASA Image of the Day

Not much to say about this really, except look at what an amazing and beautiful place we live on! Kind of a shame if we mess it up right? Just sayin'. A NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite has returned its first view of the entire sunlit side of Earth from one [...]

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of Earth

This is quite an amazing video. Check it out. Composed of photographs by NASA astronaut Ron Garan (@astro_ron on Twitter) taken from the International Space Station from August to October 2011, German artist Michael Konig edited images of Earth into a spectacular time-lapse video. According to Konig, the images were taken from an altitude of [...]