Earth’s Bellybutton (Maybe): NASA Image of the Day

This is a fabulous shot of the Earth's bellybutton. And definite proof that its an innie; something that's been highly debated in scientific circles for decades. I believe it was Hubble himself who first postulated the Navel Recession Hypothesis and argued strongly for the Non-Protrusion theory. Wait, this just in...apparently this is a picture of [...]

Saturn is Groovy: NASA Image of the Day

Breaking news! The Cassini spacecraft has determined that the rings around Saturn are actually an enormous vinyl LP! A new mission has been announced to send a giant stylus and needle to Saturn to determine what album it is. Theories as to what "the music of the sphere" might actually be are numerous but most [...]

Dusty Galaxy, Home to an Exploding Star: NASA Image of the Day

Fun fact: Dusty Galaxy was actually my stripper name back in the 70s. I kid of course, I had a completely different stripper name. I absolutely love these images. Exploding stars from long ago and galaxies that look like a giant crack in reality, this just confirms two things a) Hubble continues to be [...]

The Enterprise Meets the Enterprise Crew: NASA Image of the Day

As we know Leonard Nimoy passed away last week and to remember him NASA has released several images. This one from 1976 shows the cast of Star Trek witnessing the roll out of the shuttle named after the iconic ship from the series. The shuttle Enterprise was a prototype and used for testing and never [...]

Hubble’s Little Sombrero: NASA Image of the Day

This is an image of the "Little Sombrero" galaxy, a spiral galaxy seen on its edge and called sombrero because it looks absolutely nothing like a type of wide-brimmed hat from Mexico. Or maybe it does if you have spent way too many hours staring at the sky through a telescope. Regardless it is pretty [...]

The Universe Is Smiling: NASA Image of the Day

Okay, let's face it, this is cool. Now, this could mean: A) This is a benevolent gesture by the vast collective consciousness to put us at ease and let us know we are on the right path. Or... B) Maybe the universe hates us. Look at it - the glowing eyes, the malevolent smirk - [...]

Hubble’s View of the Polar Ring of Arp 230: NASA Image of the Day

Here we have a clear and distinct image of the Star Child on his way from Europa. No, that's silly. It's really the cosmic cocoon of Adam Warlock obviously. Anyone can see that. In reality it is Arp 230 a galaxy of strange shape and part of the "Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies" produced by Halton [...]

Rocky Mountain National Park Viewed From the ISS: NASA Image of the Day

I live in Colorado, not too far from Rocky Mountain National Park. It is one of the beautiful places you will visit on this Earth. Who knew it looked really cool from space too? Colorado is wonderful from all angles. Rocky Mountain National Park Viewed From the International Space Station Marking the 100th anniversary of [...]

Chandra Celebrates the IYL: NASA Image of the Day

...nothing to do with this. The International Year of Light is in full swing and I'm sure you are all celebrating and attending all the festivities in your town and/or city. Well I am. I started off by turning on every light in my house and will let them burn for an entire [...]