The Illusion Is Always One of Normality: The 5th Doctor

Doctor Who Week continues on DaddyElk! The Series 9 premiere is coming this Saturday and to celebrate we're going to be doing all kinds of Who-related content starting with revisiting some old articles written for the 50th anniversary highlighting my take on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Doctors. In addition to regenerating (see [...]

The Hugo Awards: Quality Wins

So the Hugos happened and it was a quiet, run-of-the-mill affair with nothing out of the ordinary or unusual to speak of... Unless of course you take into account that this was the most controversial and contested slate of nominees the award has ever produced. You know, other than that. For those of you who [...]

Things I Like: Connections with James Burke

There is a thing called “channel drift”. It is a phenomenon where a particular station or network starts out with a theme, a stated purpose and slowly over time drifts away from that and becomes something else entirely. It’s like when your favorite classic rock station starts throwing Top 40 into the mix and before [...]

A Thing Will Probably Happen Quite Soon: Doctor Who Series 8: Time Heist

A bank robbery with a time travel twist. That’s new. Doctor Who has always been about crashing into different genres. The Doctor meets Shakespeare, the Doctor meets Frankenstein, the Doctor meets James Bond. The show is specifically built to be a different category of story each week; it could be a mystery or an action [...]

No Damsels in Distress, No Pretty Castles: Doctor Who Series 8: Robots of Sherwood

My goodness Mr. Gatiss loves his references and callbacks doesn’t he? He name drops the Ice Warriors and having met Richard the Lionheart (The Crusade), mentions the miniscope (Carnivale of Monsters) and even has the Doctor pull off a man’s shoe to inspect it (à la Patrick Troughton in Moonbase). There were several Jon Pertwee-esque [...]